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Only spiritual partnerships can satisfy individuals who are creating authentic power. Meaning, if you are looking to be a person who lives authentically with your life, you are not going to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t going to give that back to you. Why would you? If I want to be responsible for what I do, what I say and what I create, why would I want somebody who wants to take care of me or make me feel better? Or not support me in what’s the most important thing to me, which is becoming aware and using my life in a loving way and giving the gifts that I was born to give. It’s not that I would disdain the company of anyone who doesn’t feel that way, but if you’re here to grow as a spiritual being that’s what you want. Other people who feel the same way will be drawn to you. Spiritual partners stay together as long as they GROW together. They choose their own roles. They say the things they’re most afraid will destroy their partnership. It’s difficult, but if you don’t say those things, then you end up having a relationship that’s superficial. Where there’s all this buried, repressed energy in the relationship.
Gary Zukav (via mindofataurus)
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